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I love my life

It's good, bad, and ugly, but I wouldn't change a thing.  My life certainly doesn't look like what my teenage self imagined...that Cinderella fairytale just wasn't meant to be.  Most people wouldn't wish divorce, changing job markets, or depression on anyone and I would agree, but every minute of it all led me to the life I'm living today.   Every person deals with unimaginable issues throughout their life. It's up to us to learn the lessons and truly appreciate the good.  I believe we can't appreciate how good the good stuff really is without knowing what bad feels like.  Thankfully times constantly change and all we have to do is keep moving and take heed of the lessons being given!  Times have truly been unbearable some days, but because of that, the good days feel oh so good!  The old saying "to get to the rainbows you have to deal with the rain" is so true.
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